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SimpleCalcX v2.0.1 MacOSX


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SimpleCalcX v2.0.1 MacOSX 2.4MB

Ideal for simple and sophisticated calculations. Includes a Newton solver, numerical integration, and more. It knows atomic weights and has a currency table that can be updated by download from the IMF server. Small footprint at the screen. Provides the system service InstantCalc, and all calculations can be done inline when editing text in any application that supports the Service menu.



SimpleCalcX is an infix calculator, and as such, it is ideal for simple and sophisticated calculations. It comes with a full featured math engine, including a Newton solver, numerical integration and differentiation, and other numerical methods.

It does lazy percenting and handles fractions, knows atomic weights, and has a currency table that can be updated via download from the server of the International Monetary Fund.

For programmers, it features hexadecimal and binary operations/conversions as well as a complete set of bitwise and logical operators.

It gots a small footprint at the screen, and it provides for the system service InstantCalc, so all calculations can be done inline when editing text at any place in any application that supports the Service menu.


SimpleCalcX does not even try to simulate a Pocket Calculator, instead it is optimized for rapid calculation work cycles at Macintosh computers. For example, expression entry and result fields are kept separate, which makes the daily calculus by far more efficient than with a pocket calculator.

Error recovering becomes as easy as fixing the flawed entry in the expression field, and then calculate again. Did you ever found yourself doing calculations twice or more times on a pocket calculator, because of a mistake occurred in the middle of a long calculation, or because of a calculation gave unbelievable results? Then, you will very likely highly appreciate the straight forward design of SimpleCalX.

Do similar calculations in a row, without needing to enter everything again and again, only change what is actually different in the expression field and execute the calculation.

See intermediary results by calculate and continue, following-up everything in the calculation history table.


All calculations are recorded in the history table, and the entries in the history are still living, i.e. the expressions and results can be referenced in new calculations by denoting Rsn or Esn for the result or the expression at serial number sn. Referenced expressions are newly evaluated and may give different results, when variables were changed. In addition, calculations in the history table can be redone individually or as a whole, e.g. after setting new values to User Variables. Calculation History entries are stored persistently on demand, using the S-switch.


Variables can be managed (added/changed/deleted) with the User Variables panel, and by using the operator := in any calculation. Variables are stored persistently.


SimpleCalcX registers two URL handlers to the system, namely the simple calc template handler "sct://..." and the simple calc execute handler "scx://...". For example ...

sct://linpol([x]; x1;y1; x2;y2)

... would enter the template for the linear inter-/extrapolation function into the expression field of SimpleCalcX, so that the variables could be replaced by the actual values for later evaluation.

scx://solve(x := 3; x^2 - 3*x + 2 = 12)

... would enter the equation solver into the expression field of SimpleCalcX, and optionally would lead it to execute the calculation.

Finally, SimpleCalcX comes with a Manual and a comprehensive, searchable Operator & Function Reference.

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