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RoboImport Multilingual


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RoboImport Multilingual | 4.80 MB
The “must-have” tool for photographers and digital camera owners. RoboImport helps you to automate time-consuming photo-tasks: put images into the meaningful directories, rename filenames, auto-rotate images losslessly, auto-fill your copyright and descriptions directly into the images (IPTC/XMP fields), backup to prevent images loss, convert RAW files to DNG, put your copyrights into DNG XMP sectiion, and even stamp your photos with GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude) based on GPS receiver logs.

Just connect your camera to the PC and the following steps will be accomplished automatically after a single click:

- RoboImport fires up automatically
- It creates one or more folders in the "c:\photographs" folder, naming those according to the date(s) the images on the CF were created and event names.
- Transfers the images to these folders
- Renames the images in accordance with the naming strategy. To avoid filename duplications, the image date/time and 4 or 5 digits will be added to filenames. Also, you will know what camera they were transferred from. Thus, Canon 350D images would be automatically renamed to "183501_350D_01234.jpg," the 1D's to "141750_1Ds_01234.jpg," and the A610 images to "0917034_A610_01234.jpg."
- All your photos will be auto-rotated during transferring. The rotation is fast and does not degrade images (lossless rotate).
- Corrects image resolution and fixes file timestamp.
- Adds IPTC copyright and picture subject info to the images.
- Pictures are tagged with GPS coordinates of place where one or another picture was made.
- Performs downloads checking.
- Backs images up to the automatically created folders on an external firewire / USB drive(s).
- Clears the CF card.
- Releases the CF card from the system.
- Exits.
- Starts up PicaJet Photo Organizer (or any other application you like) in the newly created folder.

That is only an example of import workflow powered by RoboImport, yours might be different.

OS: Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language: Multilingual

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