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Grand Masters' Choice


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Grand Masters' Choice
English | mp3 - 56kbps | 09:14:02 | 270 Mb
8 authors, named Grand Masters by the Science Fiction Writers of America, choose their finest short stories. Each story is accompanied by a biographical note, an introduction, and a list of the author's significant stories and novels, by Andre Norton.

The book includes an Introduction by Robert Bloch; and these stories: "The Long Watch," by Robert A Heinlein "With Folded Hands," by Jack Williamson "The Autumn Land," by Clifford Simak "A Gun for Dinosaur," by L Sprague de Camp "Lean Times in Lankhmar," by Fritz Leiber "Toads of Grimmerdale," by Andre Norton "Transit of Earth," by Arthur C Clarke "The Last Question," by Isaac Asimov Alas, all these Grand Masters have passed on to that great typewriter in the sky, Arthur C Clarke leaving us most recently (2008).
01 Introduction.mp3 9.56 MB
02 The Long Watch.mp3 17.15 MB
03 With Folded Hands.mp3 49.45 MB
04 The Autumn Land.mp3 25.64 MB
05 A Gun for Dinosaur.mp3 31.50 MB
06 Lean Times in Lankhmar.mp3 46.03 MB
07 Toads of Grimmerdale.mp3 56.54 MB
08 Transit of Earth.mp3 16.65 MB
09 The Last Question.mp3 17.34 MB
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