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Siege by Simon Kernick


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Siege by Simon Kernick (2012)
English | MP3 | Other quality | 566 Mb
London is under attack. A team of highly-trained gunmen have stormed the historic Lanchester Hotel on Park Lane, taking scores of people hostage and trapping hundreds of others inside as they rig the building with explosives. The government has just five hours to meet their demands or they will detonate the explosives and bring down the building, killing everyone, including themselves. But one of the hostages inside the Lanchester is the Director-General of MI5 - a man with information so sensitive it must be kept secret - even if this means sacrificing the lives of innocent bystanders. With no peaceful solution in sight, the gunmen become increasingly violent. As the clock ticks inexorably towards the deadline and evening closes in, the people trapped inside know they must confront their kidnappers - if they are to survive the night...

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