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Aoao Watermark 5.5.0

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Aoao Watermark 5.5.0 | 9.58 MB
Aoao Watermark Software is easy-to-use photo watermark software, provide professional image protection solutions for your digital photos. Allow your put digital watermarks (text, image, logo, etc) to your photos, protect theirs safety of copyright, avoid from unauthorized use.

Photo without watermark:
If you share or sell you pictures on internet, you never know what will happen, any one can copy and republish your artwork for any purposes.

Watermarked photo:
No one enable using your photos without your authorization, if some one republish your photos on his website, all of visitors will see your watermark on these photos and the watermark can not be remove.

The Aoao photo watermark software support batch mode, if you want to add your watermarks to 500 pictures, just 1 minute you can finish all of them. The batter is just 3 steps to do the watermarking process, very easy.

Create watermark to your pictures for protect copyrights
Add text watermark and image watermark to your photos or animated image, protect your copyright avoid unauthorized use.

Add frame to pictures
If you like the oil painting style, you can select artistic frame to your pictures; if you like the modern style, you can select fashionable frame to your pictures, there are many picture frames you can choose.

Powerful batch function and 200% processing speed
With Aoao Watermark Software, you can add your sign or watermark to 500 pictures as 800*600 pixels less than 1 minute, you can not find faster watermark software.

Rename, crop and resize images easy way
Rename: You can define file name template for the pictures which need to be renamed, such as ###.**, you can also set its degrees increasing level and the conversion between letter and digital. It can help you naming picture using prefixes, suffixes, date time, and serial number etc.
Crop Image: If you just need a part of your picture, you can use the function of Crop to achieve.
Photo Resize: If the size of the picture isn't suitable, you can use the function - "Photo Resize" of resize to adjust, and when you increase picture size, it can also keep good effect.
Image Conversion: Aoao watermark software support most popular image formats, such as BMP JPEG GIF PNG TIF TGA PSD etc.

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