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Real Desktop 1.74 Standard


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Real Desktop 1.74 Standard | 8,36 МB
Real Desktop - a program to change the look of the desktop Windows, transforming it into 3-dimensional surface. Real Desktop breathe new life into your desktop and turn it into a real a real desktop. Enjoy the naturalness of graphics and incredible dynamics and sound. The program uses DirectX and is a physics engine, but the speed of your computer is not strongly affected. Once installed, just click on the tag - and you already 3D Desktop! Turns off the same way.

It is worth noting that Real Desktop does not affect the position of icons on "native" Desktop. Deserves special attention allocation system icons. This is not just a rectangular frame, pressing the left mouse button, you can draw any non-convex shape, and select only the desired icon. Also, icons can be moved, reduce, enlarge it, "throw" and rotate with the mouse.

Features Real Desktop:
• Automatically deploy icons in the normal position
• Change the size of icons
• Dynamically emerging names and file names
• Hide and show the file names
• Display icon in the right
• Move halyards straight into the folder
• Save position icons
• Drag & Drop
• Support for multiple monitors
• Three-dimensional sound
• Support for anti-aliasing (Antialiasing)
• Reflections on the surfaces
• Several types of baskets
• Different themes
• Select any image to display the picture on the wall
• Different backgrounds and styles to icons
• Different Pictures on the wall
• Advanced lighting settings

Changes in version 1.74:

• Faceboard edited
• Bug fixed in the user interface
• Bug fixed in the mini tutorial
• Different bugs fixed

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