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Notepad++ v6.0 Portable

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notepad++ v6.0 portable | 5.89 mb
notepad + + - a text editor (notepad replacement), with syntax support for many programming languages, running on the operating system ms windows. this project is based on the component scintilla (a very powerful editor component), written in c + + with pure win32 api and stl (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller program size), distributed under the gpl.

user defined syntax highlighting
it allows user to define his own language : not only the syntax highlighting keywords, but also the syntax folding keywords, comment keywords and the operators. ( screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3, screenshot4 ).

for most supported languages, user can make his/her own api list (or download the api files from dowload section). once the api file is ready, type ctrl+space to launch this action (see screenshot). for more information about auto-completion, please see auto-completion howto.

you can edit several documents at the same time.

you have two views at same time. that means you can visualize (edit) 2 different documents at the same time (screenshot). you can visualize (edit) in the 2 views one document at 2 different positions as well. the modification of document in one view will carry out in another view (i.e. you modify the same document when you are in clone mode).

regular expression search/replace supported
you can search and replace one string in the document by using the regular expression.

full drag ‘n' drop supported
you can open a document by drag & drop. you can also move your document from a position (or even a view) to another by drag & drop.

dynamic position of views
the user can set the position of the views dynamically (only in 2 views mode : the splitter can be set in horizontal or in vertical), see screenshot.

file status auto-detection
if you modify or delete a file which opened in notepad++, you will be notified to update your document (reload the file or remove the file).

zoom in and zoom out
that's another fantastic function of scintilla component. just see screenshot.

multi-language environment supported
the chinese, japanese, korean, arabic and hebrew windows environments are supported. see notepad++ under the chinese windows , under the arabic windows and under the hebrew windows in action screenshot.

user can just click on the bookmark margin (located right side of line number margin) or type ctrl+f2 to toggle a book mark. to reach the bookmark, type just f2 (next bookmark) or shift+f2 (previous bookmark). to clear all bookmarks, click the menu search->clear all bookmarks. see screenshot.

brace and indent guideline highlighting
when the caret stay beside of one of those symbol { } [ ] ( ) , the symbol beside of caret and its symmetric opposite symbol will be highlighted, as well as the indent guideline (if any) in order to locate the block more easily. see screenshot1, screenshot2 .

macro recording and playback
you can save several macros and edit their keyboard shorcuts for the next use.

notepad++ v6 new features and enhancement:
1. pcre (perl compatible regular expressions) is supported.
2. add document map feature (via menu "view->document map").
3. enhance the loading performance for the large file.

included plugins:
1. spell checker v1.3.3
2. nppftp 0.24.1
3. nppexport v0.2.8
4. plugin manager 1.0.8
5. converter 3.0

home page -

download (letitbit):
download from lb

mirror (extabit):

mirror (rapidshare):
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