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Games Language People Play, 3rd edition

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Jerry Steinberg "Games Language People Play, 3rd edition"
192 pages | P-pin P-shing | 2009 | ISBN: 0887511295 | PDF | 1,6 MB
Learning a new language is highly demanding. But it can also be good fun, and in between the hard work of language acquisition there should be opportunities for breaks from regular classroom routines, where what has been learned is put to rewarding and practical use. The new and third edition of Games Language People Play provides teachers and students with a variety of language games to make the teaching and learning of a new language an occasion for enjoyable competitiveness.

There are now 122 games in all, ranging in level from Beginners through Intermediate to Advanced, including games for the multilvel classroom that can be played by all levels together. Each game indicates the language skill or combination of skills being practiced - listening, speaking, reading and writing - and the optimal group size, from as few as 10 students to classes of unlimited size. The game's instructional aim - for example, vocabulary expansion - the materials needed to play, a full description of the game itself, additional suggestions, scoring guides and extra handouts are all provided. You and your class need only relax and enjoy the wonderfully creative ideas that Jerry has assembled for you.

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